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Are you ready for your next career move? For a new really challenging career?

You will be part of a team of experienced professionals working side-by-side with our clients, facing the most diverse business challenges, discovering new ways of doing things, new processes and new technologies capable of revolutionizing the way people live and work .

In an organization like Business Intelligence you will find the support and resources necessary to continuously learn and face the challenges of our clients.

We are dedicated to excellence and are committed to the best results, but above all with the satisfaction of our clients, who will certainly benefit from your experience.

You will have the opportunity to apply your skills in several ways:

  • Use your knowledge and experience in an industry or a specific business function to solve problems

  • Apply effective problem-solving approaches - develop hypothesis, synthesize data, draw conclusions and make recommendations – that is what we do.

  • Contribute with specialization in an industry or function that allows you to collaborate with our teams and clients

Please send your professional profile / résumé to us. We will look at it with consideration.

We wish you success.

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