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What is Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a system by which companies and other organizations are directed, monitored and rewarded, that involves relationships among shareholders,  board of directors, the executive board, supervisory, control bodies and other stakeholders.

The best corporate governance practices translate basic principles into objective recommendations, aligning interests with the purpose of preserving and optimizing the long-term economic value of the organization, facilitating its access to resources and contributing to the quality of the organization's management, longevity and its well being.

The Business Intelligence can help your firm to implement a Corporate Governance system, improve the existing system and / or even provide experienced resources to participate as  members of the board of directors of your company.

Governance agents are becoming central in addressing issues such as sustainability, corruption, fraud, abuses of short-term incentives for executives and investors, and also about the complexity and multiplicity of relationships that organizations establish with the public.

In this new environment, ethics are indispensable. Honesty, integrity, responsibility, independence, long-term vision and genuine concern about the impact of its activities are critical to the long-term success of the organization.

Governance agents play a significant role in strengthening and disseminating the organization's purpose, principles and values. The commitement of the leadership and the management are determining factors for the formation of an ethical environment.

Strategic direction
Monitoring financial and operational performance
Top Management Selection
Succession Process
Policies and Guidelines
Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Merge and Acquisition
Business Culture
Statute and Contract
Business Code
Conflict of Interest
Social responsability
Independent Audit Selection
Communication Process among Stakeholders
Advisory Councils
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